Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sweet & Sassy Haircut

I took Ally for a much-needed haircut today at Sweet & Sassy. This is only the 2nd haircut she's had EVER! Her first haircut was last summer and that was hard enough! If you've known Ally since she was a baby, you know that she was bald for quite some time. So when she finally grew some hair, I didn't want to cut it! It took too long to grow those beautiful, long curls!! Anywho, she really enjoyed being pampered today at Sweet & Sassy. First, they washed her hair--she chose chocolate shampoo and orange conditioner. She smelled soooo good!!
Then it was time for the haircut! The girl took off several inches and cut layers around her face. Ally enjoying herself At the end she got to choose some cotton candy glitter spray for her hair, a lollipop, and a temporary tatoo. I was super happy with the way her hair loooked--so healthy and pretty!!


Jeanna said...

So CUTE! The last time I took the boys I broke down and carried the boys to Kids Cutz! They absolutely loved it. It's not that much more expensive anyways. Brendan got to ride in a Hummer and watch Blues Clues while getting his hair cut. Garrett got to sit and play a Sponge Bob Nintendo game while getting his done! They enjoyed it so much! From now on that is where I am going for the boys!

Amy said...

Hi Becky! My name is Amy Green, my mom Pat and I are the Sweet and Sassy Memphis store owners. I stumbled upon your site and read your sweet comments. Thank you so much for the wonderful things you said, it is much appreciated! It is so difficult being a small business owner. We try really hard to please everyone but typically only get to hear the bad things so when I run across things like this I want to show my appreciation! I am going to make a note on your daughters account at the store so she can come by and get her own Sweet & Sassy t-shirt. Thanks again, that was nice to hear (essp today!). We hope to see you again soon!

"Peace, Love and Glitter" ;-)
Amy Green