Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Costume Showing

Tonight was Ally's costume showing at her dance studio. Only mommies and their dancers are allowed. The girls try on each of their costumes and their teacher goes from head to toe telling us how to do their hair, what kind of tights she wants them to wear, how to alter the costume, etc. It also gives a chance for the girls to show us their dance numbers for the recital. It's a fun night!!
Ally in her tap costume
You Gotta Have Heart
the ballet costume

Both of Ally's costumes are going to have to be taken in as they are a little loose on her. And did you see the pink bows on the ballet costume?! Uggh! What a pain! So the teacher decided she wanted them to look all uniform and volunteered me to redo everyone's bows. So I have until their picture day on May 2nd to get them done! Fun, fun!!

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GodseySix said...

Ally looks so pretty in both of her costumes! Such a little doll! I can;t wait until my girls are old enough to get involved in stuff like that.