Monday, April 27, 2009

Mickey Mail!!

I'm sooooo excited!! Our Mickey Mail arrived today!!! Check it out (everything is in the folder--cute folder--huh?). There were tiny stickers all in the packet--like confetti! That's what you see on top of the folder.
And then inside the packet was this:
I just LOVE my travel agent!! This is what was included: hotel voucher, Magical Express booklet and tags, luggage tags, How To Guide 2009, and then our travel agent's extras--laminated dining itinerary with confirmation #s, laminated charts on best times to do what in each park, insider tips for each park, fun things to look for and tips for each park, 2 Tinkerbell puzzles, Cinderella temporary tatoos, and a Sleeping Beauty velvet art coloring poster. I can't WAIT to read through everything!!! Oh--and I also received some new ribbon and resins in the mail today that I found on Ebay!! I'm going to make the girls some hairbows for our trip!
19 days!!! Whoo hoo!!!

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djthereplay said...

Hello Becky !,

I am A DieHard Childhood Fan of Disney, and I just wanted to write you to ask you Who is The Travel Agent that You have booked Your Trip to Walt Disney World Through that gave you all of these Extras? For A Travel Agent THIS SWEET, I wish that I would have known about this Travel Agent sooner. I am counting down untill September 7th when My Mom takes me To Walt Disney World for My 31st Birthday !!!!

~ William Dwight Stewart, Jr.