Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Caroline!!

Today we celebrated Caroline's 1st birthday! The party started with the kiddos playing outside on the Brady's swingset.
Claire had trouble walking on all of the rocks
the cake
the food table--everything was decorated with pink and green flowers
singing Happy Birthday
Caroline getting started on the cake (with some help from Mom)
Digging in!!
Trey, Leslie, & Caroline
Caroline & Daddy
opening presents . . .
5 Little Ladybugs
The Cardinals bow I made for Caroline (Trey is VERY happy--can you tell?)
The Tennessee bow I made for Caroline (had to make Mommy happy, too!)
And the tea set from us!
Caroline enjoying a birthday card
A wagon from Mommy & Daddy
A slide from Mommy & Daddy
Caroline slides first!
Then big brother, Taylor!!
Then everyone else wanted a turn!
Claire's turn!
(I think she would have played on the slide all day if we had let her)
Caroline's cousin
Everyone enjoyed the party and the food was wonderful!! Happy 1st Birthday sweet Caroline!!

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Springer family said...

I love the picture of Claire on the slide! I can tell she loved it!