Monday, April 13, 2009

My Brave Child

Today we headed to the mall to meetup with some friends. We spent several hours there and before we left Ally just begged and begged me to do this jumpy thing that was set up by the carousel. I kept telling her that she would be jumping pretty high. I asked her if she was going to freak out once she got on it. She kept insisting that she would not. So I agreed. Can you tell she was excited?!
here she is getting strapped into the harnesses
(still not freaking out--is this my child?!)
Jumping and LOVING every minute of it!!
I did not have my regular camera--these were taken on my phone--so the quality isn't the best. But you can tell in this picture just how high she was going!!
She was disappointed once it was over but she kept thanking me and thanking me for letting her jump!!


Jeanna said...

LOVE IT!!! Garrett would be so excited to do that! Remember seeing it in the Galleria in Birmingham? So glad she enjoyed it!!!

GodseySix said...

That thing looks so fun! Every time we go by there is always a long line so we have never stopped. Ally is such a trooper! I can't believe she wasn't scared at all!