Sunday, September 28, 2008


Claire has been paci-free now for 2 weeks!!! I knew that I wanted to take her paci away before she turned a year old because of what we went through with Ally. Ally seemed to become MORE attached to her paci AFTER she turned one so it was harder to take her's away. Claire did really well with not having her paci. She didn't even act like she missed it. I worried what naptime and bedtime would be like but it was no big deal. I'm so proud of my baby!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hope Market Square

Come see me tomorrow at my booth at Hope Market Square!! I'm booth G-44 in the gym (where most of the vendors will be setup). I've made over 200 bows and clippies! Hope to see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bragging on Brent

Brent is going to kill me for posting this but I just have to brag on my hubby! For 3 1/2 months over the summer Brent worked as the Project Supervisor of a team of 2 students from the University of Michigan. Friday, September 12th, Brent flew up to Michigan to watch his team present their projects. There were 20 teams that presented and Brent's team won 2nd Place!! This is the first time ever that Cummins has had a team place in this competition. His students were rewarded $4,000 each in scholarship money. Here is what was shared on the University of Michigan's website:
Second Place: Cummins Inc.
"North American B-series Engine Remanufacturing Operations Value Stream Assessment"
Student Team: Joshua Johnson - Master of Science Industrial & Operations Engineering
Juan Lopez - MBA

Project Liaison/Supervisor: Brent Lollar - Director of International Operations and Strategy, Parts and Service Manufacturing

Project Champion: Allen Pierce - General Manager, Powercare Manufacturing

Faculty Advisors: Xiuli Chao - College of Engineering
Brian Talbot - Ross School of Business

The Parts and Service division of Cummins Inc. operates multiple global remanufacturing centers which produce factory-remanufactured Cummins components and engines. This division, as part of the Engine Strategic Business Unit, is responsible for ensuring service parts and service information availability to a global network of distributors, dealers, and OEM partners. The Tauber team analyzed the North American 4 and 6 cylinder B-series engine remanufacturing value streams to identify specific opportunities for improving inventory turns and customer responsiveness. The analysis encompassed plant operations, links to internal and external suppliers, and information flows between all stakeholders.
The team identified four critical areas of opportunity for analysis:

*Plant performance metrics and the impact on inter-plant order management, supply chain WIP and production scheduling.

*Replenishment lead time variability for remanufactured “make to stock” engines and the influence on finished goods and raw materials inventory levels.

*Proliferation of make to stock engine models and the influence of such proliferation on forecast accuracy.

*Execution of general inventory management policies for both raw materials and finished goods.

The team began by delivering a current state map of the entire value stream from order receipt to finished product shipment to customers. Subsequently the analysis transitioned to the identification and prioritization of improvements across the extended value stream. This led to an exhaustive review of the current make-to-stock engine model and the development of a new business model proposal. This recommendation will ultimately reduce complexity in the make-to-stock engine portfolio, will improve the forecast accuracy of the new B-Series make-to-stock portfolio, and will reduce finished goods inventory levels required to maintain Cummins’ desired service levels.
The team’s recommendations are expected to yield an increase of customer service levels by 19 percentage points and a lead time reduction of up to 15% for the selected make-to-stock engines while maintaining the same finished goods inventory investment. These improvements are expected to be implemented across Cummins’ several engine families and improve the overall remanufacturing business and ultimately the parts and service division’s competitive position.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Birthday Girl

I just had to share these pics of Ally. They were taken before we left for church this morning. Ally is wearing a smocked Happy Birthday dress that I found at a consignment sale on Thursday--it was still new with tags!! Score!
I'm 4 and proud of it!!

Scroll on down the blog to see the MANY pics from Ally's birthday party on Friday!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Elli & Lexi!

Ally's friends Elli & Lexi are a day younger than Ally. They took dance together last year and are in the same preschool class this year. Their birthday party was this afternoon at Cordova Skateland. I was really nervous about Ally skating (this was her first time) and the fact that I refuse to get on skates (childhood injury). I had them tighten her skates as much as they could and she had a BLAST! She did a great job keeping her balance.
I thought this shirt from Gymboree was PERFECT for the party!
skating with Mrs. Katie (the twin's mom)
Ellie and her Grams
Look at Ally go!
Elli & Lexi
So proud of herself!
the cake
opening presents
Happy 4th Birthday Elli & Lexi!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ally's 4th Birthday!

Today Ally is 4 years old! I just can't get over how these 4 years have FLOWN by. It seems like it was just yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital. I sometimes wish I could pause time so I could savor every moment I spend with my children. I don't want them growing up so fast! However, every stage of life seems to be more enjoyable than the last.

Ally, 1-month-old
Ally, 8-months-old

Ally, 1 year old

Ally, 2 years old

Ally, 3 years old

Ally, 4 years old I took Ally to Sweet & Sassy to get her hair, nails, and make-up done before her birthday party. Nana and Claire came along for the fun!
getting sprayed with glitter finishing her up-do

Nana and Claire watching from the couch
getting her fingernails painted (she chose a purple glitter polish)
make-up time
All done! (she also received a lip gloss ring, glitter star, and Sweet & Sassy tatoo)
On the runway with her doll, Emmy
After we left Sweet and Sassy we headed over to Party Works to pick up 2 dozen pink and purple balloons! Then we went to the church to setup for the party (her party was in the Fellowship Hall at church). Here is a picture of the ribbon flip flops I made Ally to wear for her party.
And the adorable invitation that my good friend Amy made ( Since Ally is so into American Girl, we decided to have a dolly and me tea party! Ally invited 17 girls and they all came!
Ally & Isabella
The birthday setup--my best friend Beth was nice enough to come early and help me setup (along with my parents and my mother-in-law). I couldn't have done it all myself!
The BEAUTIFUL cake that my wonderful hubby made!!!
Lexi B.
As everyone arrived, Beth gave each girl a glitter star on their cheek . . .
. . . and sprayed their hair with glitter. FANCY!!
Ally and Emmy (notice the plates--I made the girls peanut butter and jelly heart-shaped sandwiches--we also enjoyed pizza, fruit, veggies, cookies, and cake)
Nana Donna pouring the tea (it was really white grape juice)
Nana Judy serving tea
the gift tableWe made portrait cookies! The girls picked icing for the hair and M&M's for the eyes so their cookie would look like them!Nana Judy & Nana Donna
Leah & me
The girls made bracelets for themselves and matching ones for their dolls.
Leah & Claire
Peyton and her doll, Mia
all of the girls and their dolls
Ally & her cake
blowing out her candles
opening gifts (I'm not going to post every picture of every gift--mainly the ones from family--especially family that weren't able to come)--thank you Beth for taking the pictures while I helped Ally open gifts! Bitty Twin potty & accessories
opening her Bitty Baby & starter collection trunk from Nana Donna & Pop Pop
Ally named her Bitty Baby, Mollie
Bitty Twin kitchen & 2 outfits from Nana Judy & Pop
Pretty in Pink outfit from Mommy & Daddy
A dolly car seat from Uncle David--now Ally's dolls can ride in the car safely (She's always made me strap them in with an extra seat belt before--she takes this mommy thing very seriously)!
matching pajamas
Licorice the cat from Aunt Jill, Uncle Dave, Grayson, & Griffin
A Vera Bradley apron from Aunt Linda, Uncle Dave, Paul, & Kaila
A doll salon chair from Aunt Jeanna, Uncle Patrick, Garrett, & Brendan
the girls playing with their dolls
Bitty Baby cheerleader oufit from Isabella
Bitty Twin double stroller and brunette Bitty Twin doll from Mommy & Daddy
Ally named this doll Bella (after Isabella)
Isabella & Ally taking their dolls for a stroll
me & Beth
Brent & his mom
Justis & Ellie
Lexi & Elli
Peyton & Mia
Isabella showing off the party favors (Each girl received a bag with an American Girl party set--Happy Birthday tiara, "blowout" noisemaker, "magic" tablet, and stickers for their doll--and a candy bracelet and a Ring Pop. They also got to take home a purple boa and balloon.) Claire (she took 4 consecutive steps all by herself tonight)
Ally giggling
When we got home Ally wanted to got through all of her goodies!
This kitchen set is just darling!
Ally & Mollie
Ally insisted on sleeping with all 3 of her dolls!
Happy 4th Birthday my sweet Ally!!!