Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Emma!!

We are definately into birthday season! Ally has several friends whose birthdays are around the same time as hers. (We were all pregnant together and the majority of us had girls--soooo fun! They are all close friends!) This time it was Emma's turn! She had her birthday party yesterday afternoon at Sweet and Sassy ( Sweet and Sassy is a girl's salon, spa, and and party place and oh so much fun!! As soon as the girl's arrived they were wisked away to the dressing room to find the perfect dress.
Isabella and Ally in their pink and purple dresses! Sooo fancy (in the words of Fancy Nancy)!
Then each of the girls got their hair done in an up-do! Very glamorous!
Lexi in her shimmery dress
Kaylee showing off her painted fingernails
Lexi getting her nails done
Ella (Emma's sister) dancing away!
Isabella in her full makeup
Ally's finished hair
And then the makeupand a glittery star for her face
Ally getting her nails done (she picked pink, of course!)When the girls were done getting ready they practiced walking the runway! (Ally is making sure her nails are drying properly)AllyThere was a big flat screen TV where the girls could see themselves on the runway. They kept checking each other out!
The employee from Sweet and Sassy asked Emma if she wanted to do the chicken dance and Emma yelled, "No!"
So they ended up doing the Hokey Pokey instead!
Getting their princess wands
playing pass the frog prince
Emma--the birthday girl!
Emma getting her crown and princess certificate (They announced the girls one at a time as they walked the runway--telling their name, favorite thing to do, and favorite pet. They were sprinkled with princess dust, given a crown and certificate, and performed a princess skill.)
Ally getting crowned (her favorite thing to do is get her hair done and her favorite pet is a dog--which is wierd b/c she has this crazy fear of dogs?!)
The princesses pose for a picture
the cakesinging "Happy Birthday"
blowing out the candles
opening presentsthe Princess Certificate
Ally checking out the picture of the group (every girl got to take home a group picture, crown, and Princess Certificate)
Ally had an absolute ball (no pun intended)! She didn't want to leave so I let her look around their shop for a few minutes. We found a pack of the glitter and star wand (that they used on their faces)--we thought it would be cute to have that for the girls to wear at Ally's party on Friday. I also scheduled a hair appointment for Ally so she could wear her hair fancy for her party.


Jill said...

wow....note to self- Ally+Grayson+Dogs= not a good combination! That's so funny because Grayson's the same way. He is deathly afraid of dogs, but weirdly obsessed with them at the same time! Anyway, she looks like she had a blast. I love the hair! It will be perfect for her party! She should have something coming to her very soon from us! :)

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Great Article & Photos, I have done two years of reseach on the Ladybug and found Ladybugs need a home:

GodseySix said...

How cute! I had no idea what that place I know. It'll be something to keep in mind when Lydia gets a little older--however, I'm seeing her becoming quite the tomboy nowadays. Hmmm. Anyhow, all the girls were so pretty & Ally's up-do was so fitting for her. She looked like a princess...

Becky Lollar said...

Jill--Ally received your card yesterday and she LOVED it and the picture from Grayson!!

ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

Such cute pictures!! I'm with Lindsay, I drive by that place and wonder what it is. What a great idea and money maker, I'm sure!