Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Elli & Lexi!

Ally's friends Elli & Lexi are a day younger than Ally. They took dance together last year and are in the same preschool class this year. Their birthday party was this afternoon at Cordova Skateland. I was really nervous about Ally skating (this was her first time) and the fact that I refuse to get on skates (childhood injury). I had them tighten her skates as much as they could and she had a BLAST! She did a great job keeping her balance.
I thought this shirt from Gymboree was PERFECT for the party!
skating with Mrs. Katie (the twin's mom)
Ellie and her Grams
Look at Ally go!
Elli & Lexi
So proud of herself!
the cake
opening presents
Happy 4th Birthday Elli & Lexi!

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