Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 5: Myrtle Beach

Sorry--I have not been able to update the blog each night as I would have liked. Our internet quit working on Tuesday so I have a lot of catching up to do! So here we go--Tuesday was a fun-filled day! Before we headed to the beach I purchased American Girl Fashion Show tickets for Ally, my mom, and me. We are going with my friend Heather, her daughter Taylor, and her mother-in-law. The fashion show is in Franklin, TN on October 25th and the proceeds go to the Special Olympics of Tennessee--Ally is soooo excited! I must say that I'm pretty excited as well. So after I had that taken care of we headed to the beach.
Ally & Daddy searching for seashellsAlly was so proud of her sandcastle that Daddy helped her build
at the poolAlly loved her swimming Ariel--she played with her everyday!
Claire made a friend, Blake, who is 8 months old from Pennsylvania. It was so cute to watch them interact. They "talked" to each other and acted as if they knew what the other was saying.
Today we headed back to Broadway at the Beach. Ally had wanted to build-a-doll (Friends 2B Made) at Build-A-Bear and we promised we'd take her back today. She picked a doll that looked just like her!
Ally got to pick 4 stickers of qualities that she wants her doll to have. Ally picked creative, fair, spirited, and stylish.
kissing her doll's heart
stuffing her doll
Claire taking a nap in the stroller
Ally blow drying the doll's hair
And curling her hair
dressing her doll (Ally chose a ballerina outfit for her to wear)
Ally and her doll (she named her Allyson after herself)
Daddy helping Ally with the Friendship Certificate
We decided to go ahead and take beach pictures tonight since the weather was so nice. I took a TON of shots! Here are some of my favorites:
We'll have to Photoshop the person out of this pic!

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