Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Isabella!!

Today is Ally's best friend's birthday--Isabella is 4 years old! Ally and Isabella have been very close since birth. They are only 10 days apart. They've done pretty much everything together--Mother's Day Out, Sunday School, trips to Nashville and Gatlinburg, playdates, many mall shopping trips, trips to the zoo, etc. They're like sisters! Here is a picture of the girls when they were 1.
As you read in my vacation posts, Ally had to miss Isabella's birthday party because we were stuck in Charleston an extra night. I immediately called Beth to let her know what was going on and we planned to get the girls together on Monday (yesterday). So yesterday we headed over to the Fortner's for a "private" birthday celebration (this made Ally VERY happy). As soon as we got there Ally insisted that Isabella open her present immediately. So she did!We got Isabella the Bitty Baby Pretty & Pink outfit/book, American Girl lipgloss, and a Fancy Nancy card game.
Claire checking out Isabella's Bitty Baby crib.
The girls LOVE to play dress-up! You wouldn't believe how many times the girls changed outfits!
Another change!
Checking themselves out in the mirror
Hannah and Claire playing together (these girlies are 4 months apart)
Hannah is such a happy baby!!
Ally putting curlers in Isabella's hair
Claire wanting to get in on the action!
We had a really fabulous time. The girls played together nicely and we had a yummy lunch of lasagna, garlic bread, and birthday cupcakes. Beth and I also enjoyed some adult interaction and Ally was able to sing "Happy Birthday" to Isabella all by herself! Happy 4th Birthday Isabella!! We love you!

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GodseySix said...

Love that pictures of Claire standing at the crib! They're all great pictures! And all the girls are so pretty all made up. I can't wait until mine start dabbling in dress up clothes and fixin their hair and all. :)