Monday, April 6, 2009

Kindergarten Preregistration

This morning I took Ally up to Arlington Elementary for Kindergarten Preregistration. We went with my friend Buffy and her daughter Peyton (who is also starting Kindergarten in August).
Ally & Peyton outside of the school
(it is VERY cold here today and super windy--in the 40s--we had to pull our winter coats back out!)
We got there around 10:45 a.m., filled out all of the paperwork, and gave them copies of Ally's birth certificate, social security card, and shot record. Then we signed in and met my friend Ashley (Mrs. Addison) at the cafeteria. If you remember, back in February we came to visit Ashley--she is a Kindergarten teacher. Today we introduced her to Peyton and she took us all on another tour of the school.
Peyton & Ally in the gym
When we got to the library we ran into some friends--Eli & Jessica--they were also taking a tour!
checking out the books
Peyton & Ally
We took a tour of the Kindergarten hallway and then picked up Ashley's class from the cafeteria. Once we got back to the classroom the students shared with us their favorite things about Kindergarten.
Ally, Mrs. Addison, & Peyton
Then we left and had lunch with Buffy & Peyton at Lenny's. When we got home Ally wanted to check out the folder they gave us at Preregistration.
The folder included a welcome letter from the AES Kindergarten teachers, a checklist for registration in August, 2 articles about preparing for Kindergarten, letter and number flashcards, cutting/tracing/coloring/gluing sheets, handwriting pages, and May-July calendars with fun activities for them to do each day to prepare.
Ally is super excited about starting Kindergarten!! I just can't believe that it's almost time to send her! (sniff, sniff) Where has the time gone?!


Stephanie said...

Hey Becky, David and Lauren will be going to Bon Lin next year! We will be taking a tour soon I can't wait for them to see their new school!

Becky Lollar said...

Bon Lin is a GREAT school!! I just love the principal there--Kay Williams. She was the principal I student taught under when I was at Rivercrest!!

ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

Every time I see how big Ally is getting, it reminds me of how fast it flies! She was in your belly when I got married! Hard to believe! I know you'll love Arlington.

Brady Blog said...

congrats Ally on your K'garten preregistration-you will make a wonderful lil student! We are proud of you!