Monday, April 20, 2009

Ally's 1st Visit to the Dentist

Today was Ally's very first visit to the dentist!! We had talked and talked about what she should expect before we got there but I could tell she was still nervous. The first thing they did was take a full mouth x-ray of her teeth. I had never seen anything like it! You could see all of her baby teeth but you could also see all of her permanent teeth under her gums waiting to push those baby teeth out! It was so cool!! Then it was time for Ally to get her teeth cleaned! As you can see in this picture she was a bit unsure of what was about to happen.
I kept reassuring her that everything would be ok and she seemed to loosen up a bit.She ended up doing GREAT!!!! They cleaned, brushed, and flossed her teeth. Then they gave her this new type of flouride treatment. It was a foam that she swished around in her mouth for one minute and spit out. Soooo much better than the trays they used to put in our mouths when I was younger!! Then Dr. Seay came in to check out her teeth--no cavities!! He said that she had beautiful teeth and great spacing--perfect for when those permanent teeth come in! Ally was happy and even happier when she got to choose something from the treasure chest!
Dr. Seay & Ally
Ally & the bubbles she chose from the treasure chest and a new toothbrush
Claire checking out the "ice cream" bubbles
I was very proud of Ally for being so brave!!

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