Friday, October 31, 2008


Tonight was our church's annual Trunk-A-Treat. Our Sunday School Class always arrives early and we all bring a ton of food to share! Ally helped me cook the brownies.
Ally (A.K.A. Ariel)
Before we left the house we had a bit of a costume malfunction. The shoes I bought that went with the costume were too narrow for Ally's feet (and she does not have wide feet). She was devastated! So I grabbed a pair of her purple Barbie dress-up shoes and ripped the decoration off of them. Then I cut off the Ariel face and marabou fur (from the original Ariel shoes) and hot glued it to the Barbie shoes. It was actually pretty cute and Ally LOVED her "new" shoes!!
Claire as a ladybug
(I could not get a good picture of her--she was all over the place)
Daddy & Claire
This child did not want to sit in her stroller and she carried her doll with her everywhere!
Ally & Isabella
The Brady Family
The Lollar Family
(Thanks for taking our pic, Leslie!!)
Elizabeth & Ellie
Beth & Isabella
The 2 Ariels (Ally & Lexi)
Grace Ann
Grace Ann, Ally, & Gavin
Leah & me
Shonna & me
Beth & me
The Wagner Family
The Grisham Family
Daddy trunk-a-treating with the girls
After the tunk-a-treating was over we headed to the gym. Ally played all of the games at least once and ate some pink cotton candy (it HAD to be pink). She got a TON of candy--her bucket was overflowing! I chased Claire all over the gym. She did not want to be held and did not want me to hold her hand--she wanted to be FREE!! I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the night! I asked Ally what her favorite part of the evening was and she said, "Seeing my teachers Mrs. Lori & Mrs. Vicki"--she cracks me up!!


Diane said...

Great costumes!!! Looks like a lot of fun.

Jill said...

Let me guess....Brent dressed up a businessman! :-) No really, the girls looked adorable!

Becky Lollar said...

You got it, Jill!! :)

GodseySix said...

Don't ya just love it: you cook (and let her help cook) brownies, have a mini-social, she sees all her friends, you (probably sweating by this point)are passing out candy at mach speeds, your husband is chasing the girls all over the parking lot as they trick or treat. Then you bravely take the girls into the jam packed gym to play EVERY game and you stand in line at the cotton candy stand until they decide to switch from making blue to pink cotton candy and her favorite part of the night was seeing her teachers! That's HILARIOUS! I love it!

Great pictures, too!

a wandering heart said...

Hannah loves Ally's ARiel costume!

I've tagged you on my blog..

Natalie said...

Cute pics!

Check out my post from this morning. You might find a present there.