Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1 Year and 4 Year Checkups

Today my mom and I took both girls for their yearly checkups and flu shots. We got there and Dr. Owen (their regular doctor) was not there--he has pneumonia. They had tried to call me at home and cancel but I was in Jackson visiting my parents--so we ended up seeing Dr. Montgomery. Ally was hysterical the entire time--it was exhausting! I was soooo glad my mom was there. Ally weighs 47 lbs (95th percentile) and is 43 inches tall (95th percentile). Claire weighs 23 lbs. (75th percentile), is 31 inches long (95th percentile), and her head circumference is 47.5 cm. (90th percentile). Claire walked for the doctor and just laughed at him--he was really good with them. They both had blood work done (finger prick--Claire didn't cry at all and Ally did!). Claire had 4 shots including flu--she has to go back in a month (Nov. 19th) for her 2nd dose. Ally had 2--flu and Hepatitis something. She also had to pee in a cup. She finally calmed down after the shots so I let her pick an Ariel Barbie at the Disney store. She said, "Those shots didn't hurt like that other one I got in AL." (that shot really effected her) So my girls are very healthy--Claire has not been to the doctor for a sick visit her entire first year of life! I compared Ally's stats from her 12 month visit to Claire's--Ally weighed almost 2 more pounds (24.8), was 1/2 an inch shorter at 30.5 inches, and her head was bigger by 1/2 a centimeter (48 cm).

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