Sunday, October 5, 2008

Double Birthday Party

This past weekend we headed to Alabama. Brent's mom had a double birthday party for Ally and Claire planned for Saturday (since their birthdays are only 3 weeks apart). On the trip down, Ally wasn't feeling well. The night before she had woken up with a fever but seemed to be doing better. Once we arrived at Brent's parent's house Ally was very lethargic and Brent's dad put his hand on her neck and she was burning up. I took her temp and it was 104.5!! Brent immediately took her to the after hours clinic. Several hours later they returned. The doctor was not sure if she had strep (test came back negative) or if it was a UTI. So he decided to give her a shot. Poor thing came in limping because the shot had hurt so bad. But boy did it work! She woke up Saturday morning with no fever and she was back to her normal self. We were very relieved!
Brent's sister Jill and her family were visting from Fort Worth, TX and we were able to meet our new nephew, Griffin. Isn't he adorable?
showing his BAMA spirit
Ally in her BAMA shirt
cousins--Grayson, Brendan, and Ally
Ally & Grayson
me and my birthday girls
We watched the Alabama/Kentucky game--boy was it too close for comfort! Thankfully Bama pulled it out! After the game the family came over for Ally & Claire's birthday party. Here's the cake:
Nana lighting the candles
blowing out the candles
Griffin, Eli, and Claire
Caroline & Ally
(they love having each other to place with since they are very outnumbered by the boys)

Claire & Eli
(Eli just adores babies. It was so cute watching him interact with Claire.)
helping Claire open her gifts
Ally opening her gifts
A baby!! Claire LOVES baby dolls--she's a little mommy already!
checking out her new baby doll stroller from Nana
Caroline & Ally coloring
Claire feeding her baby
and taking her for a walk
Nana & Claire
Ally & Pop

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