Friday, October 17, 2008

Girl's Night Out

Tonight our Sunday School Class had a Girl's Night Out and I was able to go because my parents watched the girls for me. We had dinner at Bahama Breeze and Amy S. planned a fun game for us to play. She had written up awards and we had to decide who they best described. The person that was chosen got to pick a prize out of her bag. (My prize was a set of Christmas cards made by Amy S. herself!)
Shonna, me, and Katina with our awards
Amy S., Leah, and Lindsay with their awards
our group
our group (this time including Leah who had been taking the pics)
Amy P. with her award (isn't it funny how the light at our table looks like a birthday hat?!)
Shawn & Rebecca
We had a wonderful time at dinner. Then Shonna, Leah, and I headed to Starbucks for some coffee. I can't remember the last time I've been out his late with friends!
Shonna and me inside of Starbucks
Here I am enjoying my Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolche Latte Decaf!! (did you get all of that?!)
I told the girls that we needed to have another Girl's Night again real soon!! They all agreed!


Jill said...

These are the best times! I really only have one or two that I have girls nights with, but it's still a BLAST! I'm so glad that you got to do that. It helps you appreciate your kids and husband more.

Becky Lollar said...

Amen to that!! :)