Saturday, October 25, 2008

American Girl Fashion Show

Today my mom and I took Ally to the American Girl Fashion Show in Franklin, TN. It was a fundraiser benefiting Special Olympics Tennessee (

Ally and I spent the night in Jackson, TN with my parents last night so we wouldn't have to drive so far today. My dad made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast--YUM!!

I made Ally a special bow to wear today that matches her dress--I put a custom Bitty Twins bottlecap in the center.My mom and Ally before we left Jackson.
Our drive to Franklin was interesting. I had printed off Mapquest instructions and it took us from Exit 182 to a back highway to get to downtown Franklin. The highway turned (no indication of this on Mapquest) and we weren't sure we were going in the right direction until we saw signs pointing to downtown Franklin. Once we got downtown there was TONS of traffic and a HUGE Harvest Festival was taking place. There were people everywhere and several roads were closed--including the one we were supposed to turn on. So I stopped and mom jumped out and asked for directions at a nearby antique mall. So we followed the directions and finally made it to The Factory. Thankfully we had left early so we still had plenty of time to grab a bite to eat before the fashion show. We met up with my friend Heather (from Bowling Green, KY), her daughter Taylor, and her mother-in-law. Taylor is a few months older than Ally and they get along really well. They were excited to see each other again!
Ally & Taylor inside The Factory sitting on a LARGE rocking chair
The fashion show was held at Jamison Hall inside The Factory. We were seated at 12:45 and had GREAT seats! We were assigned to Table 2 right next to the stage! Each girl was given a bag full of goodies: an American Girl bracelet, an American Girl catalog, hair clips for their doll, a fashion show scrapbook, pictures of each doll and stickers for each doll's page. We were served pink lemonade, fruit, cheese, turkey roll-ups, and pink mini cakes.

Taylor & Heather

Taylor, Heather, & Mimi

me & Ally

Nana, me, and Ally
And the show begins! First up, historical daywear (meet outfits). I took pictures of every girl in the show but I'm not going to post all of them here. If you would like to see pics of the entire fashion show you can see my slideshow here:


JulieThen onto special occasion apparel!
Felicity teaching the girls how to curtsy
Ally learning to cursty
Kirsten (this girl was so cute and spunky)
Addy (this girl was absolutely stunning!)
Bitty Twins (I LOVE these dresses)
During intermisson we checked out the items for the live auction.
Emmy hanging out in Kit's treehouse
Ally was a guest model in the show (since she wasn't quite old enough to be a real model--you have to be a size 6/6X)
Taylor was very nervous about modeling and wasn't sure she wanted to do it. She ended up doing a great job--smiling the entire time she was on stage.
Ally stole the show--she was phenomenal! She strutted down the runway like she owned it, flashing her smile at the crowd. As she turned to walk back up the runway she flipped her hair and the crowd just died! It was too cute!
Ally loved being on stage! She received a special t-shirt and matching doll t-shirt for modeling.
Emmy & Molly in their treat seats
Bitty Baby
Girl of the Year, Mia
American Girl logo apparel
me & Ally
The Finale--they sang and danced to the AG song "I Like Your Style"
Ally & Nana
Ally & Taylor on the stage after the show
Strike a pose!
Ally wanted to get her picture with EVERY girl after the show--and she did! (see slideshow)
Ally & Samantha
Ally & Nellie
headed home
Emmy & Ally sporting their matching t-shirts, bracelets, and bags
Emmy in her new t-shirt, skirt, shoes, bracelet, bag, and hair clips

We all had a wonderful time at the fashion show! It's is a day that we will never forget!


maribeth said...

how precious! i can't wait to show carter all these pictures tomorrow! i know ally had a great time as i am sure you and your mom did too! i don't know who enjoys this more, us or them? just seeing how enchanted the american girl world is to them is precious!

Becky Lollar said...

I agree Maribeth! My mom and I enjoyed ourselves just as much as Ally! :)

Brady Blog said...

too fun-what a great Mother-Daughter event! Wonderful pictures and memories for the two of you!

GodseySix said...

I don't understand this American Girl stuff at all, but the fact that those dolls and the girls are dressed alike is really cute. I'm glad you guys had a good time. And I can so see Ally flipping her hair back, too. I know you are so proud of her! Cute post, and adorable pictures!

Valerie said...

What a wonderful event for mommies and their daughters! I can't wait until ZK is old enough to want to go to something like that!
Okay, Ally is precious on that stage. Her smile was so beautiful up there. From the pics, she looked like she was the star of the show! What a cutie pie!