Sunday, October 12, 2008

Claire's Birthday Party

Today was Claire's birthday party. It was right after the morning service in the Fellowship Hall. The theme was Pink Poodles in Paris and my friend Amy ( made invitations that matched the theme perfectly!
The cake was done by Kake Deevas ( and it was delicious! The top layer was white cake with cream cheese filling and the bottom layer was chocolate cake with peanut butter creme filling.
it shifted a little on the way to church
They made a smash cake to match
Pop Pop & Claire
cousins--Brendan, Ally, & GarrettNana, Pop Pop, & Claire
the food: Papa John's pizza, fruit, veggies, etc.
Carter & Madison
Garrett & HarrisonHannah
Ally & Isabella
Gift time!
Mrs. Potato Head from the Bradys
Little Einstein musical guitar from the Sullivans
pink poodle backpack from Jeanna & the boys
pink coat & hat from Nana Judy & Pop
singing elephant from the Whitworths
Vtech interactive book from the Cooks
musical farm for the other Sullivans
Little Mommy baby from the Fortners
custom BAMA outfits from the Fortners (Beth's mom made these)
Ally received a matching outfit!
a Christmas dress from my Aunt Linda, Uncle Dave, Paul, & Kaila
Alphabet worm from Nana Donna & Pop Pop
Little People farm from us
singing "Happy Birthday"
starting on her cake
we thought we'd get a family picture while Claire was content
Almost done!Claire & Nana Judy
Claire, Nana Donna, & Pop Pop
and it's gone!!Brent & John
Jeanna & Brendan
Brendan squeezing his Spiderman pen--look how hilarious his face looks--he was cracking us all up!


GodseySix said...

Looks like everyone had fun. I hate that we missed it. However, as I looked with hesitation through all the pics it doesn't look like our gift will be a duplicate. (YAY!) Now, if I can just remember to bring it with me next time I see you! :)

Happy Birthday Claire!

BTW--my boys loved those Spiderman pens, too!

Becky Lollar said...

Oh good!! I'm glad they liked them! I had no idea that if you squeezed them that stuff would ooze out. I don't really know a lot about boy's toys.