Thursday, December 18, 2008

Early Christmas

Today we had an Early Christmas! We started the day with Christmas parties at school. Ally's preschool teachers asked Brent to make the cake for their Happy Birthday Jesus party (Brent is now known for his cakes after he did such an amazing job on Ally's teapot cake for her birthday). Brent was happy to do it and outdid himself yet again!! After school my parents arrived from Jackson, TN to celebrate an early Christmas with us. We leave Tuesday for Christmas in New Jersey so we decided to open some presents here so my parents wouldn't have to take so many with them in their car.
Claire was hilarious--she was climbing, sitting, and standing on the presents. She's started saying"cheese" and flashing a silly grin for the camera--what a ham!!
Claire & Ally in front of our Christmas tree with the presents
Claire did really well opening her own presents
(a Gymboree outfit and the Rose Petal Cottage washer) a travel bag
a baking set
Little People Princess Coach
Ally opening an American Girl doll from Nana & Pop Pop
looking to see who might be in there
It's Samantha!!!
(I just LOVE the surprised expression on her face)
Ally & Samantha
Baby Gap outfit
Rose Petal Cottage sink
Little Mommy Bedtime Baby
Coconut shirt
Little People camper set
American Girl vanity
Claire decided to climb into the American Girl box!
Claire loving her new baby
the new Jon & Kate Plus 8 book
a book Brent had asked for
an Alabama cup
a Sweet-Shirt (Taylor cross)
Williams Sonoma ladybug placemats & napkins
Indiana Jones DVD set
earrings & a fleur de lis necklace
pj's & the Phillies World Series book
Brooks Brothers cologne set (from me)
Birkenstock clogs (from me)
A 75-300 mm zoom lens!! (from Brent)
a red coat (from Brent)

Thank you mom and dad (Nana & Pop Pop) for all of the nice gifts!! We love you and will see you in New Jersey on Tuesday!!

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