Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Santa came!!
(Yes, Ally--Santa knew that we are in NJ!)
Pop Pop & Claire
Minnie Mouse earrings
the Kit Kittredge DVD, mini doll, & mini book
set Claire kissing Elmo
Samantha's bed
Oh my goodness!! It's Mia!!
Ally & Mia
It was an American Girl Christmas for Ally!!
Rose Petal Cottage
David & Ally
Claire's dress from David
David & Claire
Baby Stella food/accessories from Nana & Pop Pop
Brent & a tie from Mom & Dad
Baby Stella from Nana & Pop Pop
me & a monogrammed necklace from Mom & Dad
Aunt Norma & a sweater from Mom & Dad
Dad wearing his Martin Luther mask from Mom
(he also received a Martin Luther bobblehead)
Mom & a shirt from Dad
David & scarves from us
Ally & Mia ready to go to Uncle Paul & Aunt Marcy's for Christmas
Ally & Kaila and their American Girl dolls
Leigh Anne, Ally, & Courtney
Brent & Claire
the girls playing with Courtney & Leigh Anne's American Girl collection Ally with Leigh Anne's Kit doll
(she informed me that she wanted Kit for Christmas NEXT year--yes, she's already planning ahead!!)
After a delicious Christmas dinner we exchanged gifts among the family.
Ally opening a magnetic doll set
Claire opening a Backyardigan
Mom & Dad
David, Megan, & Jonathan
Paul holding Claire
a Vera Bradley ornament
a Rick Warren book
Leigh Anne entertaining Claire
all of the Patterson cousins (minus Michael) and my girls
Uncle Paul, Aunt Marcy, Leigh Anne, & Courtney
me & my cousin Courtney
(she is the only person in the family that looks like me--I was the flower girl in her parent's wedding and she was the flower girl in my wedding)
me & Brent
me & my brother David
Aunt Mary Alice & Uncle Bob
We concluded the night by playing Mario Cart on the Wii--sooo much fun!!If you would like to see more pictures of our Christmas just click on these albums (these are public Facebook albums so anyone can view these!!):
As we were getting ready for bed tonight Ally said, "Christmas isn't about getting presents Mommy--it's about Jesus!" So very true!! Let us all remember the reason that we celebrate this day! Merry Christmas everyone!!

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