Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bunco Christmas Party

Tonight was our Bunco Christmas Party! Shonna, me, Leah, & Justis

Rebecca, Shawn, & SheaJill, Amy, & Cindy

Erica & Heather

Keisha, Amy, & Beth

We played a fun game of Dirty Santa for $10 giftcards to various restaurants/stores. I ended up with a giftcard to Starbucks (one of my favorite places)!! I also won a $20 giftcard to Olive Garden!! It was a fun night with my girls!


Karla ~ Ainsley's Mom said...

I love your new blog header! How cute! :-)

Whitworth Family said...

Maybe Brent can Photoshop me in there! :)

Becky Lollar said...

Thanks Karla!! My hubby made it for me!!

Katina--you are too funny!! I'm sure he could! :) We missed having you there that night!