Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunday School Wii Night

Tonight we had a Sunday School Wii Night at the Whitworth's house. Childcare was provided at the church from 7:00-10:00 p.m.--whoo hoo!! So we dropped the kiddos off at the church and headed to John & Katina's. Everyone brought desserts and coffee to share. Then we headed upstairs to play the Wii. It was soooo much fun!! We started the night with a dance game.
I really enjoyed playing this game with Heather
Christopher & David
John & Brent dancing
(This was HILARIOUS to watch!!)
Both of these guys are former Show Choir members!!
Shonna & Jeremy
(ride that horse!!)
Leah & Lindsay
Lindsay thought she needed to move EVERY part of her body to get that dance move just right!
Heather & Katina
The bunnies (judges) would start falling asleep if you weren't doing too well!!
Christopher & Leah playing Guitar Hero
John & Brent (this game was VERY hard!)
Heather & Lindsay
me & Brent playing Star Wars
Apparantly we were very entertaining! I kept killing Brent's man accidentally when we were supposed to be working as a team! Whoops!
It was such a fun night with good friends!! And before we knew it it was time to pick up the kiddos!

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