Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Taylor!!

Today we celebrated Taylor's 3rd birthday!! Her party was at our church gym. It was a princess/bounce party!!
Ally coming down the slide
Taylor's cake
Taylor and her family were in Disney World over Spring Break so her mom decorated the tables with pictures from their trip!
Princess Taylor sitting on her throne
Ally posing in the bouncer
Claire wanted to get in the bouncer sooo badly. She didn't know what to think once she got in!! Ellie is letting her know that everything is ok!!
That face says it all!!my climber
The whole crew posing for a picture
Princess Molly
Princess Claire
Amy stamping everyone's hands
Princess Ally showing off her royal stamp
singing Happy Birthday
blowing out the candles
Claire has discovered Belle!!
Brent swinging Claire
opening presents--a Bitty Baby!!
Heather holding Claire
more presents
Molly playing with one of the presents--a princess phone
What is it?!
A Cinderella castle playset!!!
3 Generations
A Bitty Baby Birthday set
Drew received a gift, too!!
A Barbie!
Taylor opening our present--a Sleeping Beauty bathtime Barbie, a Sleeping Beauty clippie, & a handmade card from Ally
thanking everyone for the gifts
Princess Ally
Happy 3rd Birthday, Taylor!!!

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