Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break

This week is the girl's Spring Break and I feel bad because we've only been out of the house to go to church tonight. You see, I hurt my foot running last Friday and have had to stay off of it. I had this bright idea that I would try running (haven't done this since high school volleyball). I'm at a plateau with my weight loss so I thought I'd try something different. I found this program that eases you into running called Couch to 5K ( So I thought I'd give it a try. The first week you do a 5 minute warm-up walk--then you start running for 1 minute and then walk a minute and a half. This lasts for 20 minutes and then you do a 5 minute cool-down walk. I did all of this on my treadmill--walked at 4 mph and ran at 5 mph. I had my Walt Disney World map on my treadmill for motivation and my list of when to run/walk. I felt great during the workout and it wan't until after I got off of the treadmill that my foot started to hurt. It is my right foot on the outside of my foot right above my arch. It just feels incredibly sore and it hurts to stand/walk on it. It doesn't hurt when I sit down. It is finally starting to feel better--thank goodness!! It's just incredibly frustrating!! I took the time to go to Breakaway Running, had them analyze my feet on a computer, and fit me into some new running shoes before I even started the program. Then on the 2nd day of doing it, I hurt myself! I don't think I'm going to try running again--at least not until we get back from Disney World in May. I don't want to run the risk of hurting my foot any worse. I have to be able to walk around Disney World. Ugggh!!


Natalie said...

I'm doing the Cto5K program. I got to week 5 & just sort of got stuck. I can't seem to run past the 5 minutes at a time. I figure at least I'm doing something regularly, right?

erin said...

I'm doing C25K, too! I am repeating week 4 at the moment because it was hard for me. That stinks you hurt your foot. I hope it continues feeling better!

Becky Lollar said...

Good for you Natalie!! I'm gld you're sticking to it!!

Erin--thank you! It feels A LOT better. I think I'll try the program again when we get back from Disney. I'll stick to my BL Boot Camp for now!!