Friday, March 20, 2009

A Postcard From Cinderella!!

Today Ally & Claire received a special note from Cinderella in the mail!!! For them to receive mail PERIOD is SUPER exciting and then for it to be from Cinderella--be still my heart! The excitement on their faces said it all. (My friend Amy was in Disney World this past week and I asked her to be a "fairy godmother" for the girls--she even signed the postcard by trying to emulate Cinderella's signature--how authentic!!)
Ally showing off the postcard
Ally reading the note from Cinderella
Here's what it said (it was addressed to Princess Ally & Princess Claire)Claire wanting a look!
Claire checking out the postcard
(she's a bit cranky--she's been teething like crazy this week)
I think Ally was just in awe!! Can't wait until the real thing!!

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