Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day #3!!

Ok--so it was in the 70's here this past week and then yesterday it starts to snow--and it snows--and it snows some more!! I have not seen this much snow in a LONG time!! By the time the snow stopped we had 8.5 inches--the most snow Memphis has seen since the 1960's!! So we headed out this morning to enjoy it and only lasted about 5 minutes.
Ally can barely walk the snow is so deep
Claire heads out after Ally. . .
. . . and falls flat on her face!
Ally runs over to help Claire
Claire is in tears and has had enough!!
So we head inside and wait for Brent to get home from church (yes, for some reason our church did not cancel their morning service). Once Brent got home and we ate lunch, Brent took Ally back out to play in the snow. She had so much fun!! Here are the pics Brent took with my zoom lens!
Check out these icicles!!
the front of our house
And would you believe that it's supposed to be back in the 70's by Thursday?! That's Memphis weather for you!


Brady Blog said...

great pictures..i love the weather fact you found about the 1960's-wow, I didn't realize we made, fun!

Anonymous said...

We had a great time, too! :-)

GodseySix said...

Yes...Lots of fun! Poor Claire! Lydia wasn't too happy with the snow either. But when it's up to your knees, it does kinda make it hard to maneuver! ;) Great pictures!