Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

This year we spent Mother's Day weekend in Alabama with Brent's parents. We had a really nice visit.
Ally & me yesterday in our matching outfits
(notice Claire on the floor--she's crying because she wants to be in the picture, too)
Brent's cousin Julie and her husband Patrick invited us over to their house for the afternoon. Claire had the best time playing with Eli . . .
. . . and Ally had the best time playing with Caroline!
And we enjoyed talking to Julie & Patrick about our upcoming Disney trip. They have been MANY times so they had a lot of great info/tips to share with us. Then we headed home and Ally helped Nana cut the vegetables for the dinner salad.
We had a yummy dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, bread, salad, and strawberry cheescake pie. After dinner I got some good shots of Claire.
What a sweet smile!
"working" on the computer
me and my girls after church this morning
Ally & Garrett
Pop & Claire
We weren't able to be with Garrett on his birthday so we brought his gift this weekend--Disney Dollars!!Claire playing with her Aunt Jeanna
What a silly face!!
Jeanna, Judy, & Brent
Judy with her gifts
(2 BAMA frames & a Vera Bradley umbrella)
Here is a card that Ally made for me at school (in the shape of a fan).
the inside
Here is an interview that Ally's teachers did and wrote down the answers--so sweet (check out #8--it just blessed my heart)!
And another card--she made this one in Sunday School
the inside
Ally giving Pop his birthday present
(his birthday was in March and we were unable to spend it with him)
Pop & his three shirts
Claire was in rare form today!! She was cracking me up! She kept saying "cheese" and flashing the silliest little grin! She was carrying the gift bags around as if they were her purses!
Here she is sporting a gift bag as a hat!
And my Mother's Day present from Brent! A Wii!! YAY!!

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