Friday, May 8, 2009

A Little Disney Magic!

Katie (a friend of mine from the DIS board) wanted to spread some Disney magic and offered to make the girls custom autograph books for our trip!! Well they came today along with a BUNCH of other goodies!!! Thank you soooo much Katie!!! Ally was soooo excited (Claire was napping at the time). Ally has been playing with everything else since!!
Ally opening the goodies
posing with her new Ariel autograph book
(notice how her Ariel nightgown coordinates)
look at all these goodies (each girl got an autograph book, book of stickers, Hannah Montana word magnets, Disney bags, Mickey head straws, and Disney magnetic castles with Disney characters)
Ally's autograph book
first page in both books
example of inside pages
Claire's autograph book
the inside
Thank you again, Katie!! You are sooo talented!!


GodseySix said...

I love Ally's face in the first picture. You can tell how excited she is. I'm so excited to hear how your girls just loved, loved, loved Disney once ya'll get back!

djthereplay said...

Hello Becky !,

I am a Hardcore Childhood Disney Fan, and I just wanted to Thank you for taking pictures of The Celebrate Today! Deluxe Goodie Bags. I REALLY NEEDED The Design on Those Bags and Also, This makes me look MORE Forward To My Trip To Walt Disney World This September. So I just wanted to thank you for that.

Also, I like Ally`s Hair, and Smile. ALSO Becky, I like Your Smile and Hairstyle, TOO !!!!

Keep it real .... BEAUTIFUL !,

~ William Dwight Stewart, Jr.