Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Visit From Flat Stanley

We received this letter in the mail a few days ago (along with Flat Stanley--a children's book character that you can read about in the letter). The letter was from our friend's son, Ben, in Huntsville, AL. His 2nd grade class was sending them to different cities to learn about weather, tourist attractions, and occupations.
The girls were so excited so we documented our adventures with Flat Stanley.
The girls reading to Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley taking a nap with Ally
Flat Stanley accompanied us to the church supper.
Here he is with Claire and her friend Natalie.Claire & Natalie
Claire sporting some shades
Flat Stanley sitting with Katina and me during the church service.
He made himself comfortable on the pew.
This morning Ally took him to preschool before we had to mail him back.
Brent tyed up this nice letter telling Ben's class all about Memphis and I included the pictures of our adventures!!

We'll miss you Flat Stanley!!


Natalie said...

How neat! We had a visit from Flat Stanley when my brother was around 3rd grade. The boys thought it was so great.

GodseySix said...

What a hoot! I've never heard of Flat Stanley, but it seems like a really neat idea. I'm sure Flat had a great time! I love the pics with the girls reading to him and the one with Ally sleeping with him. Too funny!