Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pajama & Pizza Day

Ally was very concerned when she woke up this morning because there was still snow on the ground. She ran into my bathroom where I was getting ready and asked, "Do we have school today?" When I said yes she started jumping up and down. You see, today is pajama and pizza day at preschool in celebration of letter "P". She did NOT want to miss it!!
ready for school
Ally with her doll Emmy at school in their matching nightgowns
All the way home she told me about the "P" foods they had eaten today: peaches and pink lemonade for snack, pizza and pudding for lunch, and popcorn while they watched the Veggie Tales DVD David and the Giant Pickle.
When we got home Ally decided to have a picnic with Emmy!
Yay for letter "P"!!!


GodseySix said...

Did you make her gown? I love it!

erin said...

That is the CUTEST nightgown ever!

Becky Lollar said...

Oh no!! I don't sew. That's an American Girl gown.

Springer family said...

Looks like she had so much fun. What a little cutie!