Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 3: Charleston/Myrtle Beach

Today we promised Ally that we would take her back to downtown Charleston so she could play in the fountains. We headed to the fountains and saw this beautiful church along the way.
Ally getting soaked
After we finished at the fountains we loaded up and made the drive to Myrtle Beach. It was about a 2 hour drive but it went by pretty quickly. There was a lot to see along the way. Once we got to Myrtle Beach we went shopping at the Tanger Outlets near where we were staying. We shopped for awhile--I didn't find much but Brent found 2 nice shirts at the Brooks Brothers outlet. Then we headed to Seawatch Plantation to check-in. We stayed at Seawatch 3 years ago when Ally was Claire's age. It's super nice and right on the beach. Ally was so excited when we arrived. She ran from room to room checking everything out. She thought it was so cool that she and Claire got their own room to share.
the living area next to the kitchenAlly on the balcony Claire looking out at usthe view from our balcony Who knew coasters could be so entertaining?Today was Brent's 35th birthday so we went to dinner at Carraba's to celebrate.

We DO have wireless in our room so I will be able to update!! YAY!!

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GodseySix said...

YAY for wireless & updates!!! Happy Birthday Brent! And love, Love, LOVE those pictures of Ally in the water! Great pictures! (Just look at all those excalmation points. hmmm) :)