Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Party

Tonight was our Sunday School Class Super Bowl Party. This is something we do every year--we get together and everybody brings food, we socialize, eat, the kids play, etc. I'm not quite sure how much of the Super Bowl was actually watched but we had a lot of fun!!John & Carter David & Hale
David & Claire
(Claire wanted to do what Hale was doing so she plopped right into David's lap!) Claire & Hale playing Hale was having too much fun on this exercise ball Carter enjoying some dessert Leah & Katina Molly Claire Harrison
Leah & Christopher
Harrison playing with Claire
Claire, me, Leah, Ashley, & Katina
(thank you Patrick for taking this pic!)
I was very happy that the Steelers ended up beating the Cardinals (barely). You see--I could NOT cheer for the Cardinals because they beat my Eagles. I think we all ended up watching the last few minutes of the game because it was so close and exciting!!

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