Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Visiting Santa

Today I decided to take the girls to get there picture taken with Santa. Yes, I know it's early--but it's the best time to go. No lines and no waiting!! This year Ally decided to write a letter to Santa to let him know exactly what she wants for Christmas. This semi-prewritten letter was perfect for her (purchased from my friend Amy at Do you see a theme here?
She decided that it was imperative to take the letter with us and share it with Santa in person. Here she is reading it with him!
And let me say that Ally just ADORES Santa! She ran right up to him and jumped in his lap. Claire--not so much! She wanted nothing to do with Santa. I could not calm her down until I physically picked her up off of his lap and walked away. And the thing is was that just last week I decided to let her warm up to Santa. We went and just talked to him and she was happy sitting in his lap. Fast forward to today--FREAKING OUT!! Of course on the day we get the photo made--that's a girl for you. Allowed to change her mind/emotions at any moment without any fair warning! So needless to say, the picture wasn't the perfect photo that I had invisioned. My candid shot actually turned out better than the package that cost me $24.99.
A closeup of the waterworks!
and another
(I thought this one was cute of Santa trying to comfort her)
Ally not wanting to leave
Big hugs for Santa
Ally showing off her Santa letter
Every year I end up taking pictures of the girls behind the Santa setup because it makes a nice backdrop. (Claire is gaining composure now)
Claire loved touching the poinsettas
my sweet girls
actually getting somewhat of a smile from Claire
After I finished with my pictures I changed the girls into more comfy clothes. Claire DEVOURED her candy cane--YUMMY! And we ran into some old friends that used to be in our Sunday School Class--they now live in MS. Ally and her daughter Maci hit it off immediately! They acted as if they had known each other forever--it was soooo cute!


GodseySix said...

Oh, that's fantastic. Love those teary eyed pics. Great memories! And Ally is writing SO WELL! You're right, She definitely has a theme going on on her wish list. :)

Shonna Springer said...
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Brady Blog said...

love the pics and the precious dresses. The new header is adorable..the girls look so cute.
Happy Thanksgiving