Monday, July 28, 2008

HOT Summer Walks

I've been working hard to lose the baby weight that I gained while pregnant with Claire and I've been pretty successful. To date, I have lost 44 lbs. (I gained 40 so I now weigh less than I did when I first got pregnant)!! For about a month now I've been walking the neighborhood instead of walking on my treadmill. It seems to be a better workout and it's certainly not as boring. The girls go with me so I'm pushing around 63 lbs. PLUS the weight of the stroller! And the heat here is unbearable--today it was 85 degrees while we walked but the weather report said it felt like 96! (Memphis humidity is horrible) And it's supposed to be in the 100s later today. Uggh! Needless to say, we walk in the morning and drink LOTS of water!
Like mother, like daughter!
ready for our walk
one quick picture of the 3 of us
Our walk from my perspective . . .
. . . and from Ally's!
There is this HUGE hill in my neighborhood that I insist on walking--it's quite the challenge--especially while pushing both girls in the stroller.
While on our walk Ally decides she wants to walk, too!
It doesn't last too long, though. She can't keep up with my pace--I walk about as fast as you can without actually running.
And the highlight of our walks--finding a sprinkler to walk through! Ally is always on the lookout for one and boy do they feel good in this heat!


GodseySix said...

YAY!!! I've been waiting for quite some time for an update. :) Way to go Becky on the weight loss & better yet on remembering the camera while you are out exercising! Love the matching shoes, the sunglasses and the pic of you. Did Ally take that? I'm impressed. Great post! I look forward to many more...

Becky Lollar said...

Thank you, thank you!! Yes, Ally took the picture--that was one of several. :)

Jessica said...

You go girl! I am proud of you for getting motivated and losing what you wanted! What a cute post of your walk!

ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

Loved the post and pictures! I'm so proud of you for losing your weight, and you just keep going! Awesome, and you and the gals are so cute! I've missed your little family since we've been gone. I'll see you soon! :)


Valerie said...

Cute post!! Love the pic of the matching tennies!
WAY TO GO on your 44lb weight loss. That is awesome.... WOW! Claire's not even one year old yet and you've done it. I'm impressed.

a wandering heart said...

Way to go!!!!

Which stroller is that? We've been eyeing the sit and stands... trying to decide if we're going to splurge on the lower weight joovy ultralight or what.